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With the help of power market models, the assessment of expected market developments can take place in a predefined quantitative setting. Depending on your needs, we provide you with results of an analysis as mere figures or embedded in an interpretative context with specific explications of the relevant interdependencies.

Price developments

Our power market models derive price curves under consideration of various factors of influence. Thereby we take account the relevant drivers with respect to the time horizon in order to provide credible results.

Market development

Long-term market developments are ideally assessed with investment and dispatch models. An adequate consideration of the effects of renewable energy integration dictates a high temporal resolution of the model. Consequently, we calculate price effects, power plant dispatch and capacity developments in a setup with 8760 hours per year.

Profitability analysis

With the help of quantitative methods we support you in the evaluation of economic investment and disinvestment decisions. Thereby we always consider the development of the market conditions and discuss the resulting consequences with you.