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Publications: Three studies on the transformation of the European power system with ambitious climate targets

In three studies for the German Environment Agency (Umweltbundesamt, UBA), Connect Energy Economics examined various aspects of the transformation of the European energy system with a focus on the power sector.

The study Power Market and Climate Protection – Transformation of Power Supply by 2050 models various scenarios of decarbonization and takes into account, among other things, a variety of technological options with a high spatial resolution.

In the second study, Transformation of the Electricity Market by 2050 – Options for a Market Design with High Shares of Renewable Energies, the focus is on the design of the power markets and the support schemes for renewable energies.

The third study Capacity Credit of Renewable Energies – What Contribution Can Wind and Solar Energy Make to Security of Supply? is dedicated to the question of how much conventional power plant capacity can be saved through variable renewable energies while maintaining the same probability of load coverage.

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